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Antidoto – Cortina di Ferro

Posted by Radio Gwen on Febbraio 12, 2012

[audio:] Playlist: Kim Sun-The Man Who Must Leave Jean Jacques Dexter-Be Quite Spectre-Arkham Elpida-He Will Come, He Will Come Braen’s Machine-Flying Armando Sciascia-Circuito Chiuso Odmenn-Ord, Mord Pegasus Fire Trúbrot-Ég Veit A› flú Kemur Jan Jankeje-South Indian Line Furia-Solamente Tu Billy Bond -Tontos Marta Kubisovà-Tak Dej Se K Ruman A Projdem Suet Sam Spence-Water World Jerry […]

Antidoto – Igor Wakhévitch

Posted by Radio Gwen on Febbraio 12, 2012 Playlist: Siouxsie and the banshees-Dazzle Igor Wakhévitch-Hymne À Sathanael [Aimantation Des Forces] Igor Wakhévitch-Grand Sabbat Luciférien [Régime Des Arches] Informatics-Satellite To Russia Guernica-1. Bremen Guernica-2. Cafe De Psycho Cabaret Voltaire – Crackdown Lee Noble-Goes Sentimental Lee Noble-Indian Princess Igor Wakhévitch-Animation Igor Wakhévitch-Materian Prima Igor Wakhévitch-Aurore Igor Wakhévitch-Eau Ardente Igor Wakhévitch-Ténèbres [Walpurgis] Igor Wakhévitch-Matines Igor […]

Antidoto – Persian Funk

Posted by Radio Gwen on Febbraio 12, 2012

Playlist: Morteza-Morteza Kourosh Yaghmaei-Del Dare Pir Misheh Googoosh-Respect Mehrpouya-Soul Raga Ewa Demarczyk-Czarne Anioly Shohreh-Cheshm Be Rah Le Stelle DI Mario Schifano-Molto Alto Tuxedomoon-no Tears Yesterday’s Obsession-The Phycle [Pacemaker] Small Faces-Don’t Stop What You’re Doing Cold Sun-Fall Jade Stone And Luv-Waiting For The Rain Grazia- Soyle Beni Sotiris Komatsioulis-Kita File [Look Friend] Morgen-Of Dreams Texao-Stone […]

Antidoto – Psicotronica

Posted by Radio Gwen on Febbraio 12, 2012 Playlist: Lalo Schifrin-Main Theme Adolfo Waitzman-Funky Beat Adolfo Waitzman-Lady Fortuna Rafael Ferro y su Orquesta-Ferro Y Gato Nete-Conmoción Los Mismos-Jefe Ironside Jou Cogra-Persecución Adolfo Waitzman-Juegos de agua (en Bali) Adolfo Waitzman- La Corrida Jou Cogra-Cajas De Madera Chalton Flyes- Tradesman Aller Soto Con Su Grupo 74-De África Soy Orquesta Hernando-Electronic Orquesta Miramar-Miramar Sound Adolfo […]

Antidoto – non c’è più Zen

Posted by Radio Gwen on Febbraio 12, 2012 Playlist: Nada Baba- Escape Velocity Color Dream-Live In The Sky A Knitted Abyss- Winter BArn A Cruise Family-A Energy Star Dispirit- Ixtab’s Lure Flight-Johnny’s Mixed Up King Blood-Black Money PS-33-Escape From The Carte “-1.) Burrr Ft. Gucci Mane & R2D2 “- ooking Eggs

Antidoto – Drone Blues

Posted by Radio Gwen on Febbraio 12, 2012 Playlist: Wizard Amps-Ice Guitar Yellow Swans- Foiled “-Opt Out Mohave Triangles-Mango Haze Muslimgauze-Memsahib Tea Emporium “-Priyanha Tumdesh Chalao Neokarma Jooklo Trio-Electric Mirrors Neokarma Jooklo Trio-Elevation Of THe Carpret

Antidoto – Una sera a cena 2

Posted by Radio Gwen on Febbraio 12, 2012

Antidoto La seconda puntata della serie intitolata “Una Sera a Cena” Playlist: Florinda Bolkan-Metti una sera a cena. Marcello Gigante-Bossa In California. Piero Piccioni-Aspetto Ancora Un Giorno. Gianni Ferrio-Elena… Elena Guido e Maurizio De Angelis-Piedone L’africano (Bossanova) Peter Hamilton Orchestra-Desert Heat Billy & Friends-Hua Rock Bruno Battisti d’Amario-Su Delicia Green Future-I’m a Man Bruno […]

Antidoto – Una sera a cena

Posted by Radio Gwen on Febbraio 12, 2012

La prima puntata della serie “Una Sera a Cena” a cura di Antinea Peruch. Playlist: Roy Budd-Dialogue, Get Carter Roy Budd-Main Theme (Carter Takes a Train) Roy Budd-Livin’ Should Be This Way, Get Carter Alberto Baldan Bembo-Ore 24 Armando Trovajoli-Masquerade Armando Trovajoli-Dancing For You Gianni Oddi-Dreaming Lara Saint Paul-so Nora Orlandi-A doppia faccia Piero […]

Antidoto – Inch Allah Records

Posted by Radio Gwen on Gennaio 11, 2012

Suono sporco, un microfono, un registratore quattro piste analogico, una band, un salotto, stanza da letto, garage…….. Bed room garage music!! molta urgenza! playlist: RMI-Pierre et Bastien” Teenage Gluehead-Waylon Thornton & The Heavy Hands Private Party-Garbo’s Daughter She’s so crazy-Mickey EL DEBARGE-RHYDOM OF THE NIGHT FUCKDOWNTOWN-ZYKLONBEACH Sscreaming gfdemo -ZYKLONBEACH Captain WOLF-Catholic Spray” Kiss The […]

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