Antidoto – Halloween

HALLOWEEN She Gets So Mean…………….Tra monster music, psycho billy e garage……

The Fanatics / I Will Not Be Lonely (New Kind of Kick)
Mac Rebennack / Storm Warning (Corn Fed Dames)
The Sonics / He’s Waiting (New Kind of Kick)
The Instrumentals / Chop Suey Rock (Can Your Pussy Do The Dog)
The Shades / Strolling After Dark (I Was A Teenage Werewolf
John Zacherle-Dinner With Drac
Rocket From The Crypt- I Drink Blood
Psychic Voodoo Doll – Deadbolt
Swinger Reaper- Venturi Tubes
Big Ray and The Futuras-Horrorscope
The Tall Boys-Action man
Kit & The Outlaws-Don’t Tread On Me (Nest of the Cuckoo Bird)
The Rhythm Rockers-Maddness (God Monster)
Jerry Warren-Rompin (The Natives Are Restless)
Paul Revere & The Raiders-Hungry
Steve Allan & The Arrows- O.F.F
Ralph Rebel-Sabre Jet
Movie Trailers-Highway 101
Big Ray and The Futuras-Surf Hammer (live)
The Embers-I Walked All Night
The Honkeys-Good-Evil
The Flower Children-Miniskirt Blues
Movie Trailers-You’re A Groovy Boy
The Bostweeds-Faster Pussycat Kill Kill
GREEN SLIME-Green Slime”
HUMAN EXPRESSION-Love at Psychedelic Velocity
Kai Ray-I Want Some of That (The Natives Are Restless)
Gene Walker & His Combo-Empire City
Mavis Camlock-Karate Time
Time Keepers-3 Minutes heavy
Travis Justice-I Need Love
Movie Trailers -Vampire Playgirls
The Untamed Youth-Sea & Shore
The Krontjong Devils- Black Boots & Bikes
Wendell Austin-LSD
Rob Zombie- Halloween (She Get So Mean)