Antidoto – Rock ‘n Roll primitivo

Rock’n Roll primitivo e garage; a spasso con il mostro della palude e spuntino di mezzanotte da Poison Ivy e consorte !!

For Vinyl diggers!


Birthday Party- deep in the wood
The Sparkles – Hipsville 29 Bc
Dwight Pullen – Sunglasses After Dark
Link Wray – Fatback
Dypsomaniaxe-All Women Are Bad
The Frantics – Werewolf
Keith Courvale – Trapped Love
Charlie Feathers – Cant Hardly Stand It
R. Lewis Band – Get Off The Road
Andre Williams – Bacon Fat
Beverly- where the good times are**
The Cherry Slush- I can not stop you**
The Snapshots-hip hip hurray ****
The Troublemakers-Little Sally**
Jason Eddie & Centremen – watcha gonna do baby
Mike Stuart Span – still nights
The Movement – tell her
One in a million – use your imagination
The Bobcats – can’t see for looking
Roger james four – better than here
Khol and Ambers -Love won’t hurt you.
Slim Harpo- Strange love.
The barrons- Now you’re mine***
Lee vi’s – i don’t know***
New lime – ain’t got no soul
Colours of the night – c.o.l.o.u.r.s.
Fugitive five – i ain’t gonna give up (my way of life)
The fender Four-Margaya
Randy Alvey and the Green Fuz-Green fuzz
Buddy Love – Heartbreak Hotel
J.J. Jackson- O-Ma-Liddy
Hasil Hadkins – She Said
Zero End-
The Jesters-Peter Gunn Twist
Sonny Burgess – Red Headed Woman
Centuries – i’ll cry for you
The petards-A deeper blue
………I don’t want your love.
The birthday Party-She is Hit.