Antidoto – Sound velenoso

Electro, new wave, industrial vecchia scuola, versus psichedelia decadente; Psych Fest e dintorni

John Carpenter-Assault on precinct 13- main theme.
Archive-Contolling Crowds.
Throbbing Gristle-Almost a kiss.
Monte Cazzazza-To mon on mother’s day.
Liason dangereuse-los ninnos del parque
Kas Product-never come beck.the nun’s new clothes.
Siglo XX-La vie dans la nuit.
Joy Division-She’s lost control.
D.A.F-Ich un die wirklichkeit.
Kas Product-Pussy x.
The Warlocks.Moving Mountains.
The Dandy Warhol-One ultra lame white boy.
Brian Jonestown Massacre-Fire Song.
The December Sound-Painkiller.
Primal Scream-Kowalski.
Achive-Kings of speed.
And also the trees-Gone like the swallows.