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◾Dj P-Kut on IG @davipalla (Ticino CH, September 18th 1992) member of Big Bang Family (Costa, Stex, Moko, P-Kut) and Disk Butchers (Dj Royz, Ursin, P-Kut).
As a teenager he falls in love with music, starting to play the drum and the djembe, and soon he develops a major passion in Hip Hop, embracing also Funk, Jazz, Soul, Blues, R&B, Raggae and other rhythms.

◾At the age of 18, he finds in Dj’ing the only efficient way to express and make a good use of his energy. He shortly starts collecting vinyl and buying his first turntables. Through hard work and dedication, inspiration, spiritual and musical research, he increased very quickly his knowledge and his skills, participating and collaborating for the realization of many events. He performs opening the live concerts of many artists, national and international (Dj Premier, M.O.P., KRS-ONE, Rasco, Snowgoons, Das EFX, Hannibal Stax & Marco Polo, Dope D.O.D., Next One, Ice One, Colle Der Fomento, Kaos One, OTR/Gente Guasta, Tormento, Inoki, & Dj Skizo, Unlimited Struggle, Bassi Maestro, Lord Madness, Turi, Brain, E-Green, Dj Lugi, etc.).

◾PKut also runs a website, dedicated to Hip Hop news, either international, italian and local (Tiakkadoppia.ch) with many personal mixtapes.

◾P-Kut recently won🏆 the DMC Italian Champion and in October 2015 he will go to London for the World final.
In the 2016 he starts a very important collaboration with the italian MC Egreen with which he plays all around Italy.
The Swiss Dj constantly improves his style and his skills, spiritually and musically.

DMC World Finalist 2015
1st DMC Italy 2015
3rd IDA Italy 2014
3rd Mamadou Scratch Battle 2014

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