Seventeen Seconds – Season 2 – Puntata #32

17 maggio 2018
Rubrica Musicale (New Wave, Dark, Synth/Electro Pop, New Romantics, 80’s)
A cura di Herbert Pacton & Federico Juan Rossi

Seventeen Seconds accende i suoi microfoni su Radio Gwen per farvi compagnia e farvi passare 1 ora e mezza con i suoni dei mitici anni 80…. ma non solo…. avremo sempre un orecchio teso verso il presente per scoprire i nuovi gruppi che ancora oggi ricalcano e cercano di tenere viva quest’ondata musicale…..

In onda tutti i Giovedì dalle ore 12.30 – alle 14:00

Seventeen seconds è nato da una passione smisurata per il periodo che ha cavalcato la musica a tra la fine degli anni 70 e tutto il 1980. Herbert e Federico tra una pezzo musicale e l’altro, accompagneranno gli ascoltatori attraverso notizie improbabili recuperate da tutto il mondo e qui la differenza da altre trasmissioni che si occupano di musica Dark, New Wave… si fa sentire.

You only need seventeen seconds to love them…

Scaletta Puntata:

In questa puntata, abbiamo il grandissimo onore di avere in scaletta



The Christine Plays Viola is a band Abruzzo dedicated to a darkwave / post punk articulated and nuanced. After appearing on several compilations and after scoring three self-produced EP, in 2011 the band reached an agreement with the German label Af Music for the release of their first full length Innocent Awareness. The album gets a good response in the darkwave scene, with many songs played by DJs in european darkclubs. In the polls is considered one of the best productions of the year from radio, websites and magazines: even the guru Mick Mercer includes it in its top 30 of 2011.

For The song Witch Of Silence, is made a video clip directed by Loreto Valente. In June 2012 the band released a new EP of four songs including Keep My Scorn Warm in collaboration with vocalist Rosetta Garri of The Spiritual Bat. In January 2013, the CPV were the band of the year for the German site “Static Magazin Germany”.

In recent years they have gained a good experience live mainly abroad (Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, England, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland) sharing the stage with bands like Clan Of Xymox, And Also The Trees, Pink Turns Blue, The Mary onettes, Modern English, Chameleons Vox, She Past Away, 1919, Motorama, Frank The Baptist, NFD, The Exploding Boy, The Beauty Of Gemina, Twisted Nerve, Whispers In The Shadow, Vendemmian etc. To report their presence to the world’s first great festival organized with crowdfunding, the ALT FEST.

In May 2014, the German label Cold Insanity Music, was released the second full length of Christine Plays Viola entitled “Vacua”, an ambitious concept album inspired by the series of “Black Paintings” by the great Spanish artist Francisco Goya. For the song Slaughter Of The Black Sun, a new video clip is shot by director Mauro John Capece. In March 2015 the band released a 7” Vinyl EP named “The Stars Can’t Frighten” for the French label Manic Depression and a new European Tour is started in Autumn. The band has performed at Semana Gotica 2015 in Madrid and at La Nef Fantasmagothic 2015 in Angouleme and in more other countries like : Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal, Austria and Germany.

Worthy of note is the participation at the prestigious Wave Gotik Treffen in May 2016 in Leipzig where the band plays in front of a huge crowd!
In June 2016, the band announced the third studio album named “Spooky Obsessions” that will be out on 30th September, produced from Manic Depression Rec.

After two years from the last full length: Spooky Obsessions, CPV come back with ‘The bonds should be only silver threads’.
The band celebrates TEN YEARS of activity and with this work CPV continues using its trademark well known.
Obscure tribal rhythms mixed to acid synths and sharping guitars, all accompanied from a danceable bass and from a voice that seems coming from the afterlife.
To remark a great collaboration with Miro Sassolini, ex-singer of Diaframma, iconic 80s band, in the song ‘Solitary Abuse’.
Included in the EP, a revisited version of ‘Four Steps In Your Hole’ song from the debut album ‘Innocent Awareness’, a little surprise for celebrating the 10 YEARS in the right way.

“Line up”

Massimo Ciampani – Voice
Fabrizio Giampietro – Guitar, Synth,Programming
Desio Presutti – Bass, Guitar
Daniele Vergni – Noise, Synth, Programming, Drum Machine

“Etichetta Discografica”

Manic Depression




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