The Warehouse – Stagione 1 – #11

Prato’s Satellites 

In times of isolation our apartment in Basel started feeling more and more cramped. As the days passed by, our desire to escape – even just for a little while – was growing exponentially. Because of the circumstances it would have been impossible for us to record our sets in a studio, so we decided to travel to a quiet mountain town in Ticino, eager to spend a few days immersed in the nature.
The weather was perfect and, after briefly checking out the surroundings, we wandered into what turned out to be a long back to back set, only emerging once the darkness had already enveloped the valley. We would like to share with you the last hours of this journey, a journey that carries the listener through different facets of minimal electronic music.
This is our humble tribute to the Rominimal style and the underground culture that sustains it. It is our way of thanking the many artists that keep producing innovative music and it is also an acknowledgement to Radio Gwendalyn for having given us the opportunity to create new artistic connections at a time where physical distance is a must. We are grateful for an experience that has indelibly marked us, an experience that sparked our already existing passion for the world of electronic music and the meticulous searching and selecting that it implies, both in digital and vinyl form.
The choice of the title is a product of coincidences: during the last minutes of our set a single line of Elon Musk’s sixty Starlink satellites passed over our heads, adding to the singularity of the landscape.
The set is formed of melodies and bass lines that are typical of the Romanian style, combined with breakbeat, a brief chillgressive interval inspired by our mentor Luke Delacuerda, some acid and old school tracks and the most disparate yet balanced mysterious resonances. Enjoy and stay strong, dear humans.

Don Matei & Romijn

Tracklist undicesima puntata:

Artisti: Cosmjn, Christopher Ledger, Orli, Ion Ludwig, Barac, Dot13, Iuly B, MIhigh, Dragutesku
Labels: Playedby, Telum, Berg Audio, Amphia, Amorf, Playedby,
Plus some unreleased and unknown tracks and artist