Underground Galaxy – Puntata 13

Foto: Slowdive, Star Roving single

Esploriamo i meandri musicali di galassie ignote: novità musicali, informazione dei festival, concerti nel territorio a cura di Dani e Dirs.

Qui di seguito potete ascoltare le rubriche di Underground Galaxy del 30.01.2017


  1. Slowdive
    “Star Roving”/Single
  2. Horra
    “Funnel Cake”/ Self Titled
  3. Yatera
    “Patologia Pluc”/Pathology of the Lungs
  4. Bleached
    “Wednesday Night Melody”/Welcome The Worms
  5. Car Seat Headrest
    “Drunk Drivers-Killer Whales/Teens Of Denial

Lost and Found:

Marine Girls

  1. On My Mind / Single
  2. Promises /A Day By The Sea
  3. A Place in the Sun/ Lazy Days

Travelling Ears: Francia

  1. Los Bravos
    “La Moto”/Single
  2. Los Nastys
     Madrid Es Un Cementerio“/Cannibal Business
  3. Alien Tango
    “Happy Family”/ Single
  4. The Parrots
    No me gustas, Te quiero“/ Los Niños Sin Miedo

Music Brunch

  1. Pinback
    “Some Voices”/Some Offcell Voices